Our Method

Organic Dry Cleaning

Most other dry cleaning services treat garments with a potentially harmful chemical solvent called perchoroethylene (PERC). The US EPA has recently issued warnings about the hazardous effects of using PERC. 

At Aldene Cleaners, we use a state-of-the art Organic Dry Cleaning system, which utilizes environmentally friendlier, biodegradable cleaning solvents that are also gentler on your garments. 

Please visit us and experience the difference!


Superior Stain Removal

We have decades of experience in removing the toughest, most stubborn garment stains without harming the fabric. Stains are pre-treated by hand and ultimately removed by our dry cleaning system.


Individual Attention and Care

Unlike most other dry cleaners, the ownership at Aldene Cleaners personally attends to each and every item that our customers place in our care. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality service and our customers have continually rewarded us with their loyal business.